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SPITI – An Experience | Travel with Aman Chotani | 2017

I believe in Stars, the man who sees the stars gets connected to his soul. It makes me feel alive, capturing the stars is one thing and living it is another.
We see our reflection in stars, they show us the reality.
Spiti is one of the places where I have spent most of my time looking at the stars.
100 years of our life becomes longer when we stay awake and look at the beautiful nature we have been gifted by god. Cherish the time we have and live every moment.

Aman Chotani presents SPITI – An Experience
Post Production – Soul Motion Pictures
PR & Executive Producer – Mixed Route Juice Pvt Ltd
Edited by – Karan Sharma
Music & Sound Design – Mannan Munjal
Post Supervisor – Parvez Kaleem
Shot with S8


Aman Chotani Presents Yogvandana

“To help ourselves heal, to empower ourselves to feel better and perhaps to experience our best selves”. Yoga makes us stronger and aids in self reflection. Its a journey of making you aware about how far you have come. Enlightens you to love more, feel more and cherish the small things in life. Makes it more easy to understand the most beautiful learning of life – Growing up. I shot this series of pictures and video at the epitome of love to signify the glorious power of Yoga.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Post Production – Soul Motion Pictures​
Edited by – Parvez Kaleem
Music & Sound Design – Mannan Munjal