The Last Avatar

Book on Indian Tribes n Culture before they vanish and are forgotten.

“The Last Avatar” – Its a visual representation of the Gods whom we consider as our ancestors who are actually following the real tradition and customs.

What happens when a culture vanishes? What happens when traditions, folklore, spirituals, and lifestyle fly by the wayside, never to be seen or heard of again? That’s a question that those tribe of India ask themselves.

All this is to say is that we see cultures die more often than we should, and we recognize how our children, and how our children’s children, will never know the history of who they came from. They will never recognize the culture that should’ve been deeply rooted in their souls and seen as a reflection of themselves.

I have always been inspired by the stories of the Indian tribes of India. Their life, their journey and their commitment and dedication towards the life they lead.
Its a tribute to the unspoken community of our country before they are lost forever.

I stayed a week with them, lived a life like theirs, ate food like theirs and was so inspired by the life they lead. I want to narrate their stories with my pictures so that our future generations can have a glimpse of our different communities just the way they are.

I need your support to complete the book. You can be a part of my book by donating whichever amount you wish to so that i can keep up my journey in covering the other diminishing traces of our tribes.

I have started a crowd funding campaign on KETTO for my upcoming book which will help me complete my photographic journey of Indian Tribes and Culture.

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