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BREATHING DELHI — A Phototour with Aman Chotani

Delhi is often deemed as a melting pot of cultures, where traditions and histories not only flourish together but everybody becomes a part of each other’s story–you become a part of my story and I, a part of yours. Lives crossfade into each other and one can witness this unison happening most evidently in monuments that hold so many stories within themselves. Photographs document experiences that take birth from the same place and Breathing Delhi aims to take you on this ride of a lifetime, a journey through the lanes of the most loved place of the Indian subcontinent–DILLI.

Itinerary for the Tour

Jama Masjid–
Jama Masjid is one of the most premier places to witness Delhi’s culture. A peaceful place made of red sandstone, it is an abode of worship where Muslims come to pray on days of Islamic significance. It has a capacity of harbouring 25,000 devotees all at the same time and hence, it becomes a place of some ecstatic photographic experience. An early morning tour of the monument makes for a very beautiful experience of witnessing the sun rising, spreading its glorious light on everything, from the minarets to the glistening water pond situated in the middle of the monument. During the day, people can be found praying as well as coming with their families to enjoy a tour of a part of Delhi that certainly forms its dil.

Chandni Chowk–
No sooner do you step out of Jama Masjid that you find yourself in the most loved place of Delhi–Chandni Chowk. It is that hub of the city where culture thrives and only multiplies with each passing day. Chandni Chowk, it is safe to say, is the only kid of Delhi that has within itself all love, colour and fun that it has gotten from its mother. The wide variety of food that it offers, specialising in Mughlai cuisine and relishes like Jalebis and Gulab Jamuns that it has been producing for ages now is what puts a different dish on your platter and a huge smile on your face every time you visit it. It is both a foodie’s as well as a photographer’s delight.

India Gate–
Surrounded by beautiful greens lies India Gate standing majestically as an honour to the martyrs of the All India War, with names of all who died in the War inscribed on its walls. The sight of the monument is one that leaves you in complete awe of the beauty that surrounds you– it has so much history running through the air. The experience of witnessing a monument such as this fills one’s photographic veins with a vigour to capture everything that meets the eye. With huge lawns spreading across the Gate, a multitude of colourful flower varieties adorning the scene will only leave you wanting for more.

Humayun’s Tomb–

Humayun’s Tomb is truly a place for artists, or so do we believe because of the very peaceful demeanour that it has. When you walk in or around the tomb, with lush green grass and tall trees surrounding you, you can easily find someone painting or singing which makes it a haven for artists. The tomb is majestic with graves resting on the upper half, which makes it a very important religious and historical site too. With jaali windows that make ethereal patterns with the magnificent sun sending its light, it is not only a photographer’s delight but also an experience that you will forever hold close to your heart.

In a city that speaks so proudly of culture, one often looks for places where he/she can collect pieces of that culture and keep them intact forever. Janpath is that place in Delhi. With a huge bustling market that begins from shops selling Tibetan commodities to a wider street where you can shop anything ranging from a dupatta to some beautiful Indian jewellery, there is nothing that this place does not offer. With a burst of colours all around, it is a perfect space to indulge in some street shopping. From exquisite vintage commodities to some beautiful cultural Indian clothes, you are sure to feel the vibe of the true India, while also indulging in some ‘shopoholicism’!

Bangla Sahib–
Delhi is a city of thriving cultures and that is what makes it the heart of India. Where on the one hand is the hugely populated and bustling streets of Chandni Chowk speaking volumes of contemporary Islamic culture, Bangla Sahib is a testimony of the Punjabi devotion as well as a representation of how several cultures live in unison with each other with people from all walks of life coming and praying to the Lord. One of the most interesting and binding elements of a visit to this religious shrine is the langar made. It is perhaps the only place in Delhi where if one wants to contribute in the cooking of food for a mass chunk of devotees, one can do so. The experience of walking through the corridor, with a glimpse of hundreds of people being fed is what makes one realize of the importance of humility and tranquility. Sitting amidst a huge kitchen with large proportions of food being made; with heads covered signifying one’s devotion, one is made cognizant of how we all thrive only when we are together. The experience and the calmness of this place will surely leave you speechless.

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Note – This tour is not for Delhiites. Its an experiential photo tour for people who come from other beautiful places and would like to see real DILLI.

Travel Dates: Whenever you are coming to Delhi please mail, I need to confirm whether I will be in town or not.
No. of Seats – 2-4 people only as I will be taking you around in my car.
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Join me on a one of its kinds experience to expore Dilli the desi style.